Canadian provinces actively pursuing workers and immigrants from Ireland


Canadian provinces have recently been reaching out to Irish workers to fill positions within their growing economies. The recent recession in Ireland, coupled with the growing economy in many Canadian provinces, means that educated, skilled workers in Ireland can find job opportunities in Canada.

Among the provinces trying to attract Irish immigrants and workers are Alberta, Saskatchewan, and those in the Atlantic region. Some have embarked on recruitment drives in Ireland, by setting up job fairs where provincial representatives can inform potential immigrants or foreign workers about jobs in Canada and the high quality of life in those provinces.

Saskatchewan is planning such a trip in March. Rob Norris, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration, said that future recruitment drives could also take place in Greece and the United States. His office has already been to the Philippines and the Ukraine in an effort to fill Saskatchewan’s growing need for workers.

Alberta, meanwhile, has been organizing such events around the world for years, having long recognized the need for immigrants and foreign workers to keep its economy going.

In recent years, Canadian provinces have been taking on a more active role in attracting immigrants. All of the provinces and some territories now have their own Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs, which allow provinces to nominate people who fill their economic needs to immigrate to Canada to live and work in those provinces.

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