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Choosing the right representative for your Canadian visa application is serious business. As one of the most trusted Canadian immigration law firms, FWCanada will ensure that your application receives impeccable attention to detail. Our mission is to provide high quality legal services, in a transparent and efficient manner. Unfortunately, fraudulent and ineffective practice exists in most industries and Canadian immigration is no exception. Only lawyers who are members in good standing of a Canadian bar association, or members of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants are legally authorized to represent clients for the purposes of Canadian immigration. As the legal representative of all FWCanada clients, Attorney Marisa Feil has distinguished herself as a respected authority on Canadian immigration law. She is frequently contacted by government officials and other Canadian immigration lawyers for her expertise.


Supervising Attorney – Partner

marisaAttorney Marisa Feil obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at McGill University and proceeded to graduate from the Common and Civil Law programs at Université de Montréal, widely recognized as one of Canada’s premier law schools. Attorney Feil wrote her Masters of Law thesis on Medical Inadmissibility to Canada in 2012. Practicing law since 2008, Attorney Feil is a member of both the Canadian Bar Association and the Barreau du Quebec.

Attorney Feil is an accomplished entrepreneur who previously worked at a larger immigration law firm which she left to cultivate her own flourishing practice, Foreign Worker Canada. As the legal representative of all FWCanada clients, Attorney Feil has established herself as a respected authority on Canadian immigration law. She oversees the growth and business strategies of her practice as FWCanada’s services change to meet the evolving needs of immigration law. Attorney Feil liaises regularly with federal and provincial offices on behalf of her clients and is held in esteem by the very agencies that create the laws and policy that regulate the industry.

Highly regarded as an expert in the field, Attorney Feil frequently participates in speaking engagements providing her insights on Canadian immigration. Specializing in all aspects of inadmissibility to Canada, Attorney Feil has addressed audiences of criminal defence attorneys in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Utah and Nevada. Attorney Feil has strong online presence, presenting webinars on various immigration topics in association with Thompson Reuteurs West LegalEd division and other continuing legal education organizations. As a published author, Attorney Feil has contributed to books and other written works outlining the consequences of DUI convictions on entry to Canada.

Attorney Feil loves her work as a Supervising Attorney, as she find it fulfilling to provide honest, accurate information to individuals who are seeking to change their lives and offer their children a bright future.


To verify that Attorney Marisa Feil is a member in good standing of the Barreau du Quebec (one of the Canadian Bar Associations), click here and enter her information.

You can also contact the Barreau du Quebec directly through their Membership Verification Services by email at information@barreau.qc.ca.


FWCanada was created when a group of immigration professionals set out to establish a law firm that would surpass the quality of service offered by larger Canadian immigration firms. Some Canadian immigration law firms are too big to give a client’s visa application file the attention it requires, or so small that they lack crucial expertise. At FWCanada, our Canadian immigration lawyers are attentive, forward thinking and constantly looking for opportunities within the realm of Canadian immigration on behalf of our clients. Immigration lawyers at FWCanada collaborate on every file to combine expertise so that each angle is considered. The end result is a client whose needs have been comprehensively assessed and whose Canada visa application travels the avenue of least resistance. Individuals and companies who seek to access Canada in an honest fashion can rely on FWCanada’s immigration legal services to ensure that a perfect application is submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


If you visit CIC’s (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website you may note they make it clear that you are not required to use legal representation on immigration applications. While it may sound like a good idea to go at it alone, in order to get the job done more cheaply, overseeing your own application could be risky and cost you more in the end. There are a myriad of problems that can arise when attempting to negotiate immigration law and regulation. An error on your application could lead to rejection, loss of status in Canada and even a removal order being issued against you. You could also potentially lose years of expended energy and money. A significant number of our clients are intelligent people who set out to save a little and were simply overwhelmed by the visa application process. Given the complexity of Canadian immigration laws and the importance of your application, you may want to consider opting for the peace of mind that legal representation brings.


Despite attempts on the part of the Canadian government to crack down on fraud and incompetence through more thorough regulation, many immigration consultants continue to bill themselves as “experts”, without any real experience. On June 8th 2010, the Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration tabled Bill C-35 in the House of Commons, in an effort to address some of these issues and bring greater accountability to the Canadian immigration process. It passed the House of Commons in late 2010 and came into effect June 30, 2011. The fact that the Canadian government had to introduce such swift and sweeping legislation illustrates the need for caution when seeking Canadian immigration representation.

In contrast, immigration lawyers are accountable to their provincial bar associations. Hiring an immigration lawyer guarantees that your representative has the necessary understanding of legal procedure required to properly represent you. Almost all of the Canadian provincial bar associations also require immigration lawyers to attend continuing professional education conferences and seminars to ensure their knowledge of Canadian immigration laws remain current.


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Marisa Feil

FWCanada’s Supervising Attorney has an extensive background in immigration law, and is viewed by her peers as an authority in the field. Feil is always on top of the latest developments in Canadian immigration law.

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As the social media and marketing intern, Kathryn is responsible for coordinating all social media channels as well as writing about the latest Canadian immigration news.
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