Super Visa Program

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Program

The Super Visa program permits parents or grandparents of permanent residents or citizens of Canada to exit and enter Canada for visits several times over a period of up to 10 years. These visitors are allowed to remain in Canada for a maximum of two years per visit.

In order to be eligible for this Super Visa, parents or grandparents must be admissible to Canada as visitors who will voluntarily leave the country once their stay is over. Factors that determine admissibility include the individual’s intention to visit the country, sufficient ties to their home country, their financial situation, the political stability of their home country, and their criminal record (which may or may not make them admissible to Canada).

Other steps must be undertaken such as:

  • The completion of an immigration medical examination
  • Attending an interview with a Canadian visa officer, if requested
  • Provide evidence that they have purchased Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least twelve months
  • Submit a written commitment of financial support from a child or grandchild sponsor who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada.

The child or grandchild must also meet a minimum income level in order to be able to sponsor a parent of grandparent.  The following income scales are valid until December 31, 2014.

Family Size Minimum Necessary Income
1 person $23,647
2 persons $29,440
3 persons $36,193
4 persons $43,942
5 persons $49,839
6 persons $56, 209
7 persons $62,581
For each additional persons after 7, add: $6,362