Employing a live out nanny: what you need to know – FWCanada CARES

We have compiled a list of your frequently asked questions regarding the legal responsibility that comes with employing a live-out nanny:

What do I need to know before I decide to employ a live out nanny?

As an employer, you will have to meet various obligations, including paying tax, contributing to the Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, buying workplace insurance, and meeting minimum standards of employment.

If you get stuck, Revenue Canada and your provincial Ministry of Labour office are great resources.

The paperwork matters. It signals that you recognize your nanny as a professional and will help you maintain good relations. Remember that your nanny is depending on you to be a conscientious employer and, if you do not treat them well, they might move to an employer who does.

What are my legal obligations towards my potential caregiver?

You must meet the employment standards for your home province. Your province’s Ministry of Labour will list any regulations for this type of employment on their website. Usually the regulations cover things like minimum wage, legal working hours, overtime pay, time off including leave, stat holidays, personal days and vacation pay.

Some provinces require that you buy workplace insurance in case your nanny is involved in a workplace accident. This varies from province to province, for example it is mandatory in Ontario but employers of domestic workers are exempt from buying this kind of insurance in Alberta. 

Your contract with your nanny will need to address most of the above issues.

Negotiating the immigration system can be confusing for all parties involved. But, with the right guidance, you can be on your way to caring for others, or getting the care you need. For any additional questions, call us at +1 514-316-3555 for a free consultation.