Questions to Ask A Caregiver’s Employment Reference

Before you commit to letting a nanny take care of your family, you should speak with their past employers to get a sense of what you can expect. These are the best questions to ask a person listed as an employment reference.

1. Tell me what it’s like to work with this person.

2. Why did your working relationship end?

3. Would you describe the candidate as reliable?

4. (If a letter of reference was provided) You mentioned that the candidate is [x quality], can you elaborate more on that?

5. How do you think they would be in a position where they were looking after (ages of your children)?

6. How do you think they would be as a fulltime/part-time, live in/live out, nanny/babysitter?

7. Was this candidate able to think on their feet in a stressful situation?

8. Did this candidate show growth throughout the time you knew them?

9. Would you hire this person if you were in my position?

10. How did the candidate get along with their coworkers?

11. How did the candidate get along with their management?

12. What are the candidate’s strength and weaknesses?

13. Can you highlight the candidates biggest accomplishment? Biggest failure?

The overall goal of these questions is to assess whether or not this candidate is going to be a good fit for your family, the “customer”, and for you, as the employer.

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