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Canada study permit

How to Obtain a Canada Study Permit

Are you looking for information on how to apply for a Canadian study permit? You can only apply for a Canadian study permit after being accepted at a recognized Canadian school, university or college. Once you obtain the letter of acceptance, there are only a few additional documents that are required.

What is required to obtain a Canada study permit?

• Letter of acceptance from a recognized Canadian educational institution

• Valid passport for the principal applicant and their accompanying dependent family members

• Evidence that you will be able to financially support yourself and accompanying dependants for the duration of your studies in Canada. You will have to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover:

-Your tuition fees
-Any expenses relating to living in Canada – including food, rent, transportation etc.
-Your return back to your country of citizenship at the expiration of your Canada study permit

Many educational institutions in Canada are quite prestigious, and offer the highest quality education. Furthermore, Canadian schools are much more affordable than most other similarly-ranked schools. These educational institutions offer foreign students many added benefits, such as a rich multicultural international experience. 

Foreign students at almost any age can be educated in a Canadian school. Acquiring a Canadian study permit opens many doors for foreign students who wish to apply for Canadian permanent residency during or at the completion of their studies.