Canada Work Permit

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There have been many changes made to the way a person must apply for a work permit Canada. By making new amendments to the foreign worker program, Canadian immigration is trying to protect both foreign workers from exploitation and the Canadian labor market.

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Canada Jobs

In almost every case, a job offer is required in order to obtain a Canada work permit. A job offer can also help you obtain Canadian permanent residence, through an Arranged Employment Opinion. Certain categories like open work permits and the working holiday visa program do not require a job offer in order to obtain a Canada work permit.

Labor Market Opinions (LMOs)

In addition, most work permits in Canada require labor market verification, what is known as a Labor Market Opinion (LMO). Once a person obtains a positive LMO they may apply for a Canada work permit. If the Canada work permit requires an LMO, the Canadian employer, must have first advertised the position and be able to demonstrate there are no Canadian permanent residents or citizens that are qualified to fill the position. There are some advertising exemptions for categories of Canada work permits that require an LMO, for more information on advertising exemptions, tell us about your Canadian job offer.

LMO Exemptions

There are other categories of Canada work permit that do not require an LMO.

CUSMA Work Permits

• Intra-Company Transfer

• Post-Graduate Work Permit

These categories are based on reciprocal treaties, the transfer of senior employees or individuals who have been preliminarily selected for Canadian permanent residence but have not yet received their visa.

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