Canada Provincial Programs

Every Canadian province has a provincial nomination program (PNP) whereby criterion is established for selecting Canadian immigration applicants who bring some benefit to the province that nominates them. For example, all provincial immigration programs include an option for individuals who have been offered a full-time permanent job from a Canadian employer.This enables them to obtain Canadian permanent residency through one of the provincial nomination programs. 

The types of provincial programs available can be classified into four broad categories; programs for foreign workers with job offers, programs for foreign nationals with family members in Canada, foreign students who have graduated from a Canadian college or university and foreign nationals who intend on establishing or investing in a business venture in Canada.

Job offers 
All Canadian provinces have provincial programs for applicants who have received a full-time permanent job offer in a skilled occupation from an employer in Canada. While these individuals will also qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker program, they can circumvent the AEO process by applying under a PNP. There are also some provincial programs that offer Canadianpermanent residency to individuals with job offers in low-skilled occupations, once they have worked in Canada on a work permit for a certain amount of time.

 There are many provincial programs for individuals with family in Canada who are not eligible to sponsor their family members under the Federal Sponsorship program.

Foreign students who have graduated from a post-secondary program in Canada may be eligible for Canada permanent residency, with or without a job offer under these PNPs. While these foreign students will likely qualify under the Canadian Experience Class after one year of working in Canada, individuals applying under these PNPs may receive their Canadian permanent resident visas faster.

There are many provincial programs for individuals starting or investing in a Canadian business venture. The minimum investment and net worth requirements vary among the provincial programs. For more information, please click here.

Three Noteworthy Programs

Manitoba General Stream 
This is a points based provincial nomination program where a person can qualify without a job offer.

Nova Scotia Non-Dependent Children of Nominees
 This is the only provincial nomination program designed for children of applicants who do not meet the definition of a dependent child but would like to accompany their family to Canada.

Nova Scotia Agri Food Stream 
This brand new program is a business based provincial nomination program but there is no minimum investment required.

For more information or to see if you qualify for any of the above listed Canadian provincial immigration programs, contact FWCanada.