Canadian Permanent Residence:

There are many different ways to obtain Canadian Permanent Resident status, here at FWCanada we are able to provide immigration services in any of the following categories. Part of the immigration services that our office provides is determining which program best suits your specific needs and qualifications. To allow us to quickly assess your qualifications please be sure to fill out the form in the top right corner of the page.

• Investors

Individuals with high net-worth of at least 1.6 million, that are willing to loan the Canadian government money, are able to apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Status as Investors.


The Canadian government seeks out individuals with business experience that are looking to invest (at least $125,000 CAD) in and actively manage businesses in Canada. Entrepreneurs that have the required net-worth (at least $350,000 CAD) and business experience will be provided Canadian Permanent Resident status.


Individuals working in the field of creative arts, as a professional athlete, or as a farmer in a self-employed capacity may qualify for Canadian Permanent Resident status if they intend on practicing their profession in Canada.

Provincial Nomination Programs

All Canadian provinces maintain their own immigration programs that allow each province to nominate individuals based on the specific needs of their economy, usually a job offer or family member in Canada is required


Immigration Quebec maintains a number of separate programs designed to bring skilled workers, investors, and self-employed individuals to Quebec as Permanent Residents. FWCanada is able to assist individuals to best determine which Quebec program is suitable and provide the relevant immigration services.

Federal Skilled Worker

The Canadian government is currently accepting applications for specific individuals that have a minimum of 1 year of experience in one of 29 open occupations. At FWCanada immigration services will be provided to those individuals that are looking to obtain Canadian Permanent Resident status based on their professional experience.


Eligible Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are able to sponsor their parents, spouse or children for Canadian Permanent Resident status.

Criminal Rehabilitation

The immigration services offered by FWCanada include applications for Criminal Rehabilitation. A positive response to an application for Criminal Rehabilitation will effectively overcome criminal inadmissibility permanently.

Temporary Resident Permit

FWCanada’s immigration services include Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) applications. Individuals that are successful in obtaining a TRP will be permitted to enter Canada for a specific period of time notwithstanding any existing inadmissibility issues.

Authorization to Return to Canada

Individuals that have become the subject of an Exclusion or Departure Order and have left the country will be required to submit an application for Authorization to Return to Canada if they wish to return before the expiration of the order issued against them.

Legal Opinion Letter

In situations where an individual’s admissibility to Canada is a contentious matter our office is able to provide Legal Opinion Letters that set out a basis for admission. This immigration service is available to individuals that need to enter Canada but have a complicated admissibility issue that requires detailed explanation.

Canadian Citizenship

Immigration services offered by FWCanada include applications for Canadian Citizenship. Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship depends on a number of factors, please fill out the form on the top right corner of the page to see if you are eligible.

Study Permits

Individual that have been accepted to a Canadian school are eligible to apply for and receive a Study Permit.

Work Permits

Canada offers a number of different types of work permits, which themselves are specific to the employee and often to the employer as well. Our immigration services include determining which permit is most suitable and working with both the employer and the employee in order to get the work permit as soon as possible.

Labour Market Opinions

Most Canadian work permits require a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) which effectively tests the potential job offer to determine whether it has a negative impact on the Canadian Labour Market. By working with potential employers FWCanada provides the immigration services necessary to obtain a positive LMO.


The individuals that work at Canada’s borders and consulates enter all their notes in a number of different databases. The various databases include the Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS), the Field Operations Support System (FOSS), and the Global Case Management System (GCMS). If complications have arisen in regards to an existing application, or the application has been refused FWCanada can order these notes on your behalf in order to properly assess the situation.