Helping Your Caregiver Remain In Quebec

Now that you’ve found the perfect caregiver for your situation, how can you ensure that they retain their legal permission to work? There are several options available to employers in Quebec:

  1. Work permit and LMIA can be renewed every two years
    • The legal documentation that was part of the initial application process can continue to be renewed. However, renewing the permit and LMIA does not confer any form of long-term status.
  2. Application for Permanent Residence
    • If the nanny learns level B2 French and accrues 2 years of work experience over the last four years in Quebec, or if they have a permanent offer of employment, an application for permanent residency can be made.
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program
    • This immigration program does not require a permanent offer from an employer. Rather, it seeks to find qualified candidates who are deemed likely to become economically established in Quebec. There is no list of qualified occupations. Applicants must first apply to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and then apply to the federal government for a permanent visa. Applicants are selected based on a points system. To find out if you or your nanny qualifies, more information can be found here. A comprehensive review of this process, as well as information on regulatory changes made since 2018, is outlined on the Quebec Skilled Worker Program page.
  4. Quebec Experience Class
    • Individuals who have work experience in Quebec, or who have studied in Quebec, may be eligible for the Quebec Experience Class program through Immigration Quebec. This program is known in French as the Programme de l’expérience Québécoise, or PEQ.  This program has some of the fastest processing times of all Canadian immigration programs. Like the Skilled Worker Program, applicants must first apply for a CSQ. Qualified foreign workers must meet the following criteria:
      • Completed at least twelve months of work experience in Quebec in a managerial, professional, or skilled position within the 2 years preceding the date of application.  The job you held must be on the list of occupations eligible for this program.
      • Are currently working and have legal status as a temporary resident in Quebec
      • Demonstrate at least an advanced intermediate level of oral French through a standardized test, or submit alternative documentation (see foreign student section for details).
      • Demonstrate that you can support yourself and your spouse and dependent children, if applicable, for at least three months after you are granted permanent residency in Quebec.

Finding the right caregiver for your home is challenging. To stay up-to-date on the various immigration options that may be available to you, and to ask any questions you may have, fill out the form to your right or call us at +1 514-316-3555 for a free consultation.