The Duties and Responsibilities of Caregivers and Employers

The process of hiring, or being hired as a caregiver in Canada can be difficult to navigate. Potential employers and employees must complete a specific set of steps in order to ensure that hiring is done efficiently and correctly. We have broken down the duties and responsibilities of caregivers and caregiver employees that must be completed before a caregiver can work in the country.

What are the Requirements for Caregivers to be hired?

Caregivers must fulfil four requirements: 

  1. Receive a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment and Certificate of Acceptance
  2. Speak, read, and understand English and/or French 
  3. Have a signed written contract with the future employer 
  4. Acquire a work permit before entering Canada 

What Are the Requirements for Employers to Hire an in-home Caregiver?

Employers must fulfil four requirements:

1) Have made a demonstrable effort to fill the position with a Canadian, or permanent resident or 

     foreign worker already in Canada

2) Have enough income to pay an in-home caregiver

3) Offer a job that is chiefly concerned with providing care for children, the elderly, and/or the disabled

4) Have a signed written contract with the future caregiver 

Negotiating the immigration system can be confusing for all parties involved. But, with the right guidance, you can be on your way to caring for others or getting the care you need. For any additional questions, fill out the form to your right or call us at +1 514-316-3555 for a free consultation.