Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

The Alberta PNP was created to support and sustain Alberta’s economic integrity, by recruiting competent immigrants to the province.

The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program is run by the provincial government with the assistance of the federal government’s department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The CIC makes the final decisions as to permanent residence once you send in an application through CIC as a Provincial Nominee.


NOTE: Alberta PNP nominations will not be issued if you are seeking a temporary work permit or extensions of a temporary work permit, if you are a refugee claimants, or if you are working as a live-in caregiver.

Strategic Recruitment Stream:

Applicants do not need an employer to apply to this stream of the program.

Engineering Occupations Category

  • Must be currently residing in Alberta
  • Must have intentions to live permanently in the province
  • Must be have certified training as an engineer, designer or drafter
  • Must be working or have worked in the last 2 years in one of the following:
    • An Alberta company that is a member of Consulting Engineers of Alberta
    • A well-established, reputable Alberta Engineering, Construction or Procurement Company
  • Provide a “Letter of No Objection” from the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) or show that you are registered with APEGA as a foreign license.
  • If you work in an occupation under the classification code 2231, 2232, 2241 or 2253, such a Letter or No Objection is not required.

Compulsory and Optional Trades Category

  • Must be currently residing in Alberta;
  • Must have an Alberta Qualification Certificate or a valid Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) certificate.
  • Must have a valid work permit from CIC in the trade in which you are certified
  • Must have an occupation that is listed as a Compulsory Trade or Optional Trade in Alberta
  • Be currently working or have previously worked for an Alberta employer in their trade

Post-Graduate Worker Category

  • Ability and intention to live permanently in Alberta
  • At the time of application, be working full-time in Alberta, for an Alberta employer.
  • Have obtaines a certificate, diploma, degree or graduate program from a list of AINP approved institutions.
  • Program of study in Alberta must have been for at least one year (minimum of two semesters of full-time study, or equivalent)
  • Have a current and valid post-graduation work permit
  • Be working withing an NOC skill level O, A, B or C.  Candidates working in a Category C occupation will also need to submit evidence of their scores on a language test.

Employer Driven Stream

Both employers and the candidates they wish to nominate must meet specific criteria for the stream.  The requirements listed below are for the potential nominees only.  The criteria for employers can be found on the AINP website.

International Graduate Category

  • A degree, diploma, or graduate level credential from an approved Canadian educational institution is necessary for the international graduate
  • Must have completed at least a 2 year undergraduate program or a 1 year graduate program
  • The job offer must be in a skilled occupation
  • Must hold a current and valid post-graduation work permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • Must have received the specialized training and/or formal education for the skilled job in question
  • Show that you intend to live in Alberta permanently

Semi-Skilled Worker Category

• Be current employee in Alberta on a work permit
• Show that you have completed a minimum of high school education.

Must have qualifications in one of the following industries:

       Hotel and Lodging

  • Have a total of 3 years of work experience in a job directly related to the hotel and lodging industry
  • Be employed in Alberta for a minimum of six months before applying to the AINP.

       Food and Beverage

  • Complete an interview with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD) staff and be able to satisfy AARD regarding your suitability for the AINP.
  • Have a total of three years of full-time work experience in your home country prior to arriving in Canada in a physically demanding job similar to that found in the food and beverage processing industry.
  • Be employed in Alberta for a minimum of six months before applying to the AINP.


  • Have a minimum of two years of work experience in a job similar to the employer’s type of business, however at least 12 months of this experience must have been obtained in Canada
  • Be employed in Alberta for a minimum of six months before applying to the AINP

     Trucking – Transportation

  • Be employed in Alberta for a minimum of six months before applying to the AINP.
  • Have driven in a professional capacity before coming to Canada
  • Provide a copy of your foreign driver’s license which indiscates C+E certification (if from Europe)
  • Show that you have a valid Alberta class 1 license and are eligible to meet provincial regulations
  • Be working for your Alberta employer as a long-haul truck driver

       Food Services

  • Have a total of three (3) years of work experience in a job directly related to food and beverage services (abroad and/or in Canada).
  • Be employed in Alberta for a minimum of nine (9) months before applying to the AINP.

Skilled Worker Category

  • The job offer must be in a skilled occupation
  • The applicant must be licensed from the appropriate body (if a license is needed)
  • The applicant must have the formal education and/or specialized training required for the position.

 Self-Employed Farmer Stream

  • Must have prior managerial experience with an existing farm enterprise;
  • Provide evidence that a Canadian financial institution is willing to finance the proposed farming enterprise;
  • A minimum of $500,000 CAD of equity to invest in the farming enterprise and a net worth of $500,000 CAD or proof of access to these funds
  • Education, training and work experience necessary to develop a sustainable farming business in Alberta and a business plan for the farming enterprise in question

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