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Sponsoring a Caregiver to work in Quebec, Canada

Trusting someone to work in your home and care for your family is a highly personal and important decision to make.  Selecting a caregiver from overseas can definitely be a difficult, time consuming process, and having to repeat that process would be a significant inconvenience. It doesn’t have to be.  With the support of FWCanada Immigration Law Firm, you can sponsor a caregiver for your family and home.  The Canadian government has immigration programs specifically to provide support for families with children, the elderly or those with medical needs who can sponsor foreign workers to work as caregivers both temporarily and then remain permanently. If you’re considering hiring a foreign caregiver, everything you need to know falls into one of four main parts:

Part 1: Why should I hire a foreign caregiver in the first place?

  • Firstly, you may want to look at our most commonly received questions regarding the application process.
  • Foreign caregivers provide tons of cultural benefits to children, not to mention the huge stress relief in your daily life
  • The financial trade-off between a caregiver and daycare is province and family specific, but generally speaking families who need to provide care for 2 or more people prefer caregivers

Part 2: Who should I hire?

  • Let’s say you’ve decided to hire a foreign caregiver. Now what? Your first order of business should be to search for a caregiver who is going to fit in with your family. And for that, it’s crucial that you ask the right interview questions to them…
  • …And to their past references of employment. Once you’ve found someone perfect, you can begin the official application process.

Part 3: How do I hire and employ this person legally?

  • Legal obligations exist for the potential employer and employee in this process, but the protections exist to ensure that all parties involved are safe and well informed about the nature of the role. Employers, for example, must demonstrate financial solvency, and potential employees must agree to a written contract of employment with all relevant employment details (a legally valid contract will be provided for you by FW Canada). 
  • The application that is required by law for all foreign caregivers coming to Canada is designed to satisfy all of the basic legal obligations on both parties. 
  • If you have any questions with the legal or financial side of employing a foreign caregiver, fill out the form to your right or call +1 514-316-3555  for a free consultation

Part 4: What do I need to do to pay and keep working with the caregiver that I’ve hired?

  • Now that you have a foreign caregiver in your home it can seem impossible to imagine life without them! 
  • If you’re in Quebec and thinking about hiring your caregiver permanently, there are steps you can take to ensure that the person you found can continue to work legally in Canada for as long as needed 
  • The payment process is straightforward and well defined and simply requires you to officially set yourself up as an employer