Immigrate to Canada

Let the experienced professionals at FWCanada guide you through how to immigrate to Canada. There are more than 60 Canadian immigration programs available to individuals seeking Canadian permanent residence.


Two of those programs make it particularly fast and easy to immigrate to Canada.  Under both the Federal Skilled Worker and the Quebec Skilled Worker programs, individuals are not required to have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer in order to qualify for Canadian permanent residence!

Most of the other 60 Canadian immigration programs are based on having a job offer in Canada. If you are able to obtain a full-time permanent position from a Canadian employer in any skilled occupation, you will be eligible for a temporary work permit, which will allow you to come to Canada quickly. You will also be eligible to become a permanent resident in Canada later as a result of that Canadian work experience, through a program like the Canadian Experience Class or a Provincial Nomination Program.

Another relatively easy way to immigrate to Canada is to have a family member sponsor you. Under the Federal sponsorship program you can sponsor your parents, child or spouse. Some of the provinces offer programs where you can even sponsor brothers and sisters or cousins, if they meet certain qualifications.

Finally, if you have a net worth of $250,000 CAD or more and are willing to make an investment of approximately $125,000 CAD, there are a number of programs available through the provinces for entrepreneurs willing to start or purchase a business in Canada.

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