• Reasons for Immigration to Canada
    Immigrate to Canada
    Have your qualifications assessed under 60+ different programs
  • Reasons for Immigration to Canada
    Get informed on how to enter Canada with a criminal record.
  • Reasons for Immigration to Canada
    Study in Canada
    Get a student visa and begin your studies in Canada
  • Reasons for Immigration to Canada
    Work in Canada
    Get a work visa and begin your career in Canada
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Canada's Most Trusted Immigration Law Firm

Why choose FWCanada as your Canadian immigration law firm? Given the complexity of Canadian immigration laws and the importance of your application to immigrate to Canada, you may want to consider opting for the peace of mind that legal representation brings. Canadian Immigration Lawyer Marisa Feil considers every possible angle to find the best and fastest approach to Canadian immigration. The end result is a client whose needs have been comprehensively assessed and whose Canadian permanent residency application travels the avenue of least resistance. Individuals and companies who seek to access Canada in an honest fashion can rely on FWCanada's immigration legal services to ensure that a perfect application is submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Learn about popular immigration programs such as: 

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Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Choosing the right representative is serious business. As one of the most trusted Canadian immigration law firms, FWCanada will ensure that your application receives impeccable attention to detail.
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