International students at Ottawa schools benefit the community


The Canadian capital is enjoying an economic boost thanks to the almost 500 international students currently attending Ottawa high schools.

The number of foreign students at Ottawa high schools has been rising rapidly since 2000, as increasing numbers of high school students from all over the world discover the advantages of pursuing a high school diploma in Canada.

Canada is an attractive destination for foreign students because of its high quality of education at affordable rates. In addition, many international students who have studied in Canada find that some Canadian immigration options become open to them once they complete their program of study.

It is estimated that the international students at Ottawa high schools bring an average of $30,000 dollars per person into the Ottawa economy. This money can be used to improve the schools even further, by hiring more teachers and enhancing the programs.

These students are part of the 90,000 international students that arrive in Canada each year to pursue educational programs at various levels of study.


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