Alberta attracting immigrants and foreign workers thanks to its growing economy


The Canadian province of Alberta has, in the last decade, become a prime destination for people who wish to immigrate to Canada or work in Canada. This is due in large part to its growing economy, fuelled by the development of Alberta’s oil reserves.

Alberta’s largest city, Calgary, is attracting immigrants faster than any other city in Canada, thanks to the number of jobs that need to be filled by immigrants or foreign workers. In fact, Calgary became the first Canadian city to elect a Muslim mayor last year, and one fifth of Calgary’s population is now a visible minority. The benefits of attracting so many newcomers and foreign workers are already being noticed.

“We have the most highly educated population per capita in Canada; many of those people are not originally from Canada,” Alberta Premier Alison Redford said.

Alberta is expected to be one of Canada’s fastest-growing provinces over the next few years because jobs are expected to increase in both the oil and gas sector as well as the banking, engineering and construction sectors.

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