Canadian Immigration Scam Used Names of Corporate Executives


Two Canadian immigration consultants are being charged in a scheme which brought foreign workers to Canada by them using the names of corporate executives to make the deals sound legitimate. The Canada Border Services Agency is accusing the two Canadian immigration consultants of developing false businesses and using fraudulent documents, effectively targeting over 300 foreign nationals.

These fake businesses and documents were used in order to bring immigrants to Canada for a fee. The criminal charges facing these consultants include fraud, forgery and creating false documents, in addition to violating the Refugee Protection Act. The security manager of  Canadian Natural Resources confirmed that one of the company’s top officials was targeted when his name was used in the scheme to convince immigration Canada applicants to pay a fee in exchange for entry into the country. “It’s disturbing for him personally on two levels — one is his personal reputation, but more importantly it’s the thought of his name being used to defraud individuals who are innocent and who are simply seeking to better themselves,” the manager said.

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