Federal Government Deny Criminal Newcomers Chance to Remain in Canada by Closing Loophole


The Canadian federal government is becoming stricter when it comes to Canadian immigrants and refugees who break the country’s laws. Canadian immigrants who are convicted of crimes after being granted landed immigrant status or refugee status are generally ordered to be deported back to their native countries. However, if sentenced to less than two years, these individuals were previously allowed the opportunity to apply to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) and get the deportation reversed.

The federal government is hoping to cease this behaviour and has introduced new legislation on the subject. “The idea is about [bringing] changes that protect Canadians by making sure that criminals stay out of the country” said a government source.  Government representatives also admit that judges would often give two years-less-a-day sentences to immigrant and refugee convicts, knowing it gave them a chance to stay in Canada.

The federal government has been aggressively pursuing foreign criminals. Last year, the Canada Border Services Agency released a wanted list of 1,400 individuals who had been convicted of serious crimes including murder, rape, aggravated assault and massive fraud.

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