The Value of Mandatory Language Tests


The ability to utilize the mother languages of a country makes for happier immigrants. Therefore, a mandatory test for basic language ability or minimum language proficiency is a good policy both for Canada and its immigrants seeking jobs in Canada. Immigrants make large sacrifices before their Canadian immigration. They come to Canada because of better living conditions for themselves but more importantly for a better future for their children.

Equipped with the basics of English or French, Canadian immigrants would not have communication problems. They could also more easily attend post-secondary institutions with the hope of securing better jobs such as technicians or paramedics if unable to work in their chosen fields as doctors or engineers.

No matter how long immigrants stay in Canada, it is understandable that most cannot speak English or French as fluently as native-born Canadians. It is unrealistic to expect immigrants to contribute immediately to our economy and integrate into Canadian society; however hopefully, their children will be able to complete their unfulfilled cultural integration.

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