Planned changes to Canadian immigration system would help Canada meet its needs for newcomers faster


Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada Minister Jason Kenny plans to propose changes to the Canadian immigration system that would help immigrants who have found jobs in Canada obtain their permanent resident visas faster, in addition to a host of other changes.

Under the changes Kenney is planning, a Canadian employer who would like to hire a foreign national for a position would be able to identify that person to Canadian immigration authorities, who would then process his or her permanent resident visa on an expedited basis.

“Once people have been identified by employers, if they meet our other standards we would fast-track them into the country,” said Kenney.

Another potential change is the introduction of a new stream for people who would not normally qualify for a Canadian immigration visa under the Federal Skilled Worker program, but are trades people who fill Canada’s labour market needs.

The minimum investment under the Federal Investor Class might be raised, as Kenney feels that this would provide a greater benefit to Canada.

One significant planned change is the emphasis on language proficiency. People in professions that require a significant knowledge of one of the official languages would need to demonstrate a higher knowledge of that language, while the requirements would be lower for applicants in professions where language proficiency is not as crucial.

In addition, a change that would make credential assessment part of the application process, rather than part of the settlement process, is being considered.

“It makes sense for Canada and those professionals to do the credential assessment as part of their immigration application,” Kenney said.

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