Quebec Experience Class has already accepted 5,000 immigrants


The Programme d’experience quebecoise (PEQ), or Quebec Experience Class, has already accepted 5,000 new immigrants since the program was introduced only two years ago. The program is certainly a popular means of immigrating to Canada for those who have studied or worked in Quebec and wish to stay.

The PEQ allows certain temporary immigrants who are in Quebec on a student visa or a work permit, to apply for permanent immigration to Canada if they intend to settle in the province of Quebec. Qualified applicants receive a Quebec Selection Certificate, and they must then submit their application federally for security and medical checks before they receive their Canadian Permanent Resident Visas.

Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said that these temporary immigrants are ideal candidates to permanently immigrate to Canada and settle in Quebec, because they are already part of the Quebec community, they know the province, they speak the language and have already integrated into the community.

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