Canadian Immigration Fueling Growth & Economic Stability in Canada


While immigration has always been an integral component of Canadian population growth, a falling natural growth rate and a renewed emphasis on skilled workers is changing the composition of Canadian society. Unlike our neighbors to the South – where the population growth is primarily driven by the natural birth rate – expansion in the Great White North is heavily dependent on the influx of immigrants. In a recent study conducted by Statistics Canada, it was established that immigrants comprise roughly 70% of Canada’s growth. Without immigration, the recent Statistics Canada report explains, the natural rate of Canadian population growth will approach zero within the next twenty years.

With this in mind, under the Harper government, immigration levels have hit a rate of approximately 250,000 people per year, keeping immigration lawyers very busy. In an effort to ensure that new Canadian immigrants quickly integrate into society, the Harper government has placed a renewed emphasis on ensuring that the skills of Canadian immigrants match those for which there is demand in the economy.

Experts say this pattern is likely to persist. As fertility levels continue to drop and the members of older generations become fewer in number, the inherent dependence on immigrants to help fuel and sustain the Canadian growth rate and the economy will become stronger than ever.

Most people, including the Prime Minister, understand that given these circumstances, laws that facilitate immigration are absolutely mandatory. Harper, in an attempt to create a more solid economy, has publically stated that he plans to reform Canadian immigration law in order to make it easier for people to immigrate to Canada (especially those with particular competencies).

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