Job Opportunities in Federal Skilled Worker Program Filling Up Fast

The Federal Skilled Worker program, an economic immigration program where acceptance is based on education and work experience, as well as an applicant’s ability to settle in Canada and contribute to the economy, has a limited number of spots left!

The program has both an overall application cap and caps on each specific occupation within the program, and both are filling up quickly!

The following two occupations have reached more than 50% of their overall capacity:

Computer programmers (NOC 2175)
Financial Analysts (NOC 112)

If you are planning on applying to the Federal Skilled Worker program, FWCanada urges you to take action by taking your IELTS and submitting your application to the FSW program as soon as possible!

Not only are spots in the program filling up quickly, the entire program will soon be changing when the Express Entry is introduced in January 2015. The requirements of the new Express Entry program are somewhat uncertain, which is why applying to the familiar Federal Skilled Worker program NOW while there are still spots is the best course of action.

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