Canada: Leader in International Business

Have you ever wondered where the best location for international business is? Canada’s excellent business climate ensures that it remains a top contender as one on the best nations for international business people to work and to expand their businesses!

After the global recession in 2008, Canada was hailed as an incredibly strong global economy due to the country’s economic health in the face of the shrinking economies of its allies.  Canada’s reputation as a stable economic force continues to this day, influencing business people from around the work to choose Canada for the expansion of their businesses.

Canada’s admirable business climate has been highlighted by a number of different organizations.  In 2012, Canada was named the best country in the G20 for business by Forbes, and Canada’s strong economy and unrestrictive business regulation are regularly recognized by the annual Doing Business project.

In 2014, Doing Business, an annual national business environment ranking composed by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, recognized Canada as one of the top two locations for starting a business.  Canada’s overall rankings for the 2014 year were impressive, placing in the top 20 countries internationally for business.  Canada also took second place for entrepreneurship and starting a business, likely due to the fact that only one procedure is required to register a new business and this process takes only 5 days. Additionally, it is significantly less expensive to start a business in Canada than in many other OECD high-income countries and there is no minimum capital or net worth required to start a business!

When Canada’s business rankings are compared to other nations with similar sized economies, Canada’s business environment stands out.  While Canada is ranked 19th overall for doing business, similarly sized economies Spain is ranked 52nd, Italy is ranked 65th, Russia is ranked 92nd, and India is ranked 134th.  Canada also ranks above economic powerhouses Germany and Japan for the ease of its business environment.

Every year, individuals from all around the world travel to Canada in order to network with business owners and clients, conduct market research, and get involved in the Canadian labour market.  As Canada’s excellent business climate and consistently strong economy continue to attract business people, these individuals are forced to navigate complex Canadian immigration procedures to determine their eligibility for business travel to Canada.

Business visitors, individuals expanding their businesses to Canada, and foreign workers transferring to a Canadian subsidiary of their current company are all bound by different regulations, complicating the process of doing business in Canada.

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