Greece’s Economic Failures Translate into Immigration Gains for Canada


The economic crisis in Greece is inadvertently persuading a new generation of talented young Greeks with the opportunity to escape Greece’s quickly diminishing economy, providing favorable circumstances for Canadian immigration.

Canada intends to take in 250,000 immigrants this year, with plans for a much stronger focus on those who speak English or French well and who have higher levels of education. By teaching its young people English and providing many of them with a superior education, Greece has prepared an entire generation to succeed abroad in countries such as Canada. It has been reported that 53 per cent of university-age Greeks planned to emigrate.

For those young Greeks with English language proficiency, a strong immigration option is to attain a Canada work permit. For those who have businesses in Greece, selling these businesses in order to have enough capital to be considered an investor-class immigrant will be another viable option once the program is relieved of its temporary pause in January 2013.

Canada seems like a promising alternative for Vassilios Tsirmpas’s two daughters. They sound exactly like the kind of newcomers that Immigration Canada Minister Jason Kenney has said Ottawa wants. Educated in the highly regarded French Lycée system, one of them is already armed with a university degree from France. The other is to begin undergraduate studies in the U.S. this fall.

Although Greece is in the process of losing so many of its best and brightest, this mutually provides exciting and new immigration opportunities for Greek citizens to build strong partnerships with countries like Canada. 

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