Bilingualism: A Canadian Value


Multiculturalism is one of Canada’s defining components, which is founded on Canada’s pre-existing bilingual framework. Many immigration Canada candidates arrive with the notion of preserving their native languages. However with the pressures of the social and school system, they quickly realize one if not two other languages will have to be learnt and practiced in Canada. Through language, they recognize what it truly means to be Canadian.

Bilingualism in Canada serves the purpose of representing Canada’s history and shaping its future. Although the English language will naturally trump all others, one of the benefits for people who immigrate to Canada is that they be able to appreciate and communicate in the country’s two official languages, English and French. Immigration Canada is a strong supporter of both bilingualism and its founding principal, multiculturalism. 

Several Canadian immigration programs require applicants to prove their language proficiency. Ask how FWCanada can help you by filling out the form above or join our community conversation on twitter by following @FWCanada. 

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