Canadians Support Immigration

November 27, 2011

A recent study by Jeffrey Reitz, for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, demonstrates, that there has been high, consistent and unaffected support in the majority of Canada for immigration in the past twenty years, despite factors that may act as an impediment. This support has been particularly prominent amongst the educated, the young, the fully employed, and men, particularly in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Prairies, who have shown the greatest support. Approval of Canadian immigration stems from two fundamental sources: the certainty of the economic benefits and continued pride for our multicultural nature as a result of Canadian immigration.

This awareness of economic benefits is interpreted on a national level as economic optimism, and as economic success on an individual level. For the multicultural nature of Canada, multiculturalism ranked higher than hockey, bilingualism, the capital, and the Queen. Multiculturalism is clearly viewed as a distinctive feature to many Canadians. These Canadians are significantly more likely to support Canadian immigration levels, as immigration is a deeply rooted ideal in the Canadian mindset.

Canada’s federal political parties, who all have pro-immigration policies, share this same mindset. This makes Canada distinct from other immigrant host countries that tend to be unwelcoming to immigrants, including the United States.

Continuing to reinforce the notion of economic benefits from Canadian immigration, will only further the success of the Canadian approach.

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