Western Canada Experiencing Immigration Surge

November 22, 2011

Canada’s immigration patterns are changing, experts say, and western provinces are the beneficiaries.

Historically, immigrants have flocked to Toronto as their choice destination when settling in Canada. Ten years ago, Fifty-percent of all of Canada’s Immigrant’s would establish themselves in Canada’s largest city while today that number is much closer to forty-two percent in 2011.

Immigration levels have stayed consistent in that time. The question is; where are new Canadians deciding to settle?

Immigration expert Nick Noorani told the CBC “Immigrants are going where they get jobs,” and at this point Western Canada has been the beneficiary of many new Canadians due their booming economies.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have also set up effective Provincial Nominee Programs which allow for the provinces to select a certain number of immigrants each year. This allows for the provinces to select candidates who already hold job offers and will enter the work force immediately.

Prearranged employment has several positive factors for the immigrant and the province of destination. Noorani states “From an economic perspective let’s remember every time you get people coming into a new community, business increases. So suddenly you’ll have people putting up stores where they’re going to have ethnic foods. Real estate has been bolstered tremendously by immigrants and their desire to own homes, more than Canadian-born.”

As Noorani mentions, immigrants who enter the workforce immediately, are more likely to be able to purchase real-estate or establish new businesses and be more-successful in early establishment in Canada.

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