Report suggests ways to improve Canadian immigration programs


As Citizenship and Immigration Canada Minister Jason Kenney prepares to overhaul the country’s immigration programs, a new report suggesting improvements to the system has been released.

The report, by TD Economics, finds that the Federal Skilled Worker program, the Provincial Nominee Programs and the Temporary Foreign Worker programs all address Canada’s short term labour market needs. It suggests that if one of these streams, namely the Federal Skilled Worker Program, concentrated on more long term labour market objectives, then the entire Canadian immigration system would benefit.

The report highlighted that the Provincial Nominee Programs and the Temporary Foreign Worker program, can adapt in order to better attract the immigrants and foreign workers that they need in the short term.

The Federal Skilled Worker program, on the other hand, should concentrate on Canada’s long term economic needs and therefore emphasize skills rather than specific occupations, according to the report. English or French language standards were one such skill the report touched on.

Kenney had previously stated his department is planning to review Canada’s immigration programs this year.

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