New Government Program To Encourage Canadian Immigration of Tradespeople


According to Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the government will be implementing a plan to address Canada’s major labour shortages later this year. This is especially good news for the Western provinces, which have been hit particularly hard by the lack of skilled workers in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, and service sectors.

The restructuring is long overdue as, Kenney admits, Canadian immigration programs currently in place have not been meeting needs for quite some time now. As opposed to placing greater value on professional accreditation or educational qualifications (as the current federal skilled worker program does), acceptance will be based more heavily on practical factors such as hands-on training and work experience.

This fairer, more logical approach will better serve those seeking status as Canadian permanent residents and ultimately, Canadian employers seeking qualified workers. As a nation, we must recognize the value of well-trained tradespeople as we have much to gain from the substantial contribution those from abroad can bring to our economy. The new skilled worker program is a step in the right direction, in that it acknowledges that reality.


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