Conrad Black Granted Temporary Resident Permit


Although May 4th marked the release of Conrad Black from Florida’s Federal Correction Institution, the permanence of the disgraced media mogul’s stay in Toronto remains tentative and is contingent upon the decision of Canada’s Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. 


The aftermath of his public court dispute with Prime Minister Jean Chrétien in 2001 forced Lord Black was to renounce his legal birthright as a permanent resident and Canadian citizen in order to gain a seat in Britain’s House of Lords.

As a non-citizen burdened by an indictable offense, Lord Black’s record makes him inadmissible to Canada; however he has successfully been granted a temporary resident permit. This allows him to inhabit his Toronto home until May 2013 before climbing back up the rungs to re-instate his status as an official Canadian citizen.

Considering that it has been more than three years since Black was convicted of fraud in 2007, and that his citizenship was voluntarily renounced rather than forcibly revoked, the Lord may re-apply for legal status if he is first granted criminal rehabilitation by a Canadian embassy or consulate. After five years of living on a temporary permit he must then apply to become a permanent resident before he ultimately is eligible to offer the question of his citizenship to the hands of the Canadian government.

Those convicted of a DUI can also be deemed criminally inadmissible to Canada.  If you have intentions to enter Canada with a record of drunk driving or other criminal charges, please consult our website and contact us toll-free. 

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