Online gamblers, restricted in their ability to engage in there profession in the United States, are increasingly considering Canadian immigration as a means of continuing their gambling careers. For some Americans, who play full-time on internet gambling websites, it has become a lucrative endeavour offering them the possibility of a virtual six-figure annual salary and quite a comfortable living. However, their profession is becoming obstructed as American banks will not process online transactions from gambling websites and sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt, are actually leaving the U.S. market altogether. Thus, in order to further their careers, online poker players are looking at different countries where online gambling is legal and Canadian immigration is the number one option for most of them. 

The prospect of Canadian immigration is seen as much more beneficial than immigration to Mexico or countries in Europe and the Caribbean. Firstly, online betting is legal in Canada and there are no current movements to illegalize it, which is a primary motive for American gamblers to seek out Canadian immigration. Secondly, the transition from the U.S. to Canada would be much easier than it would be for any other country, as there is no language barrier for Americans seeking Canadian immigration, and there is low cultural difference, if any. Thirdly, the winnings gained in online games-of-chance are completely tax free in Canada, which in itself indicates that Canadian immigration offers great opportunities for gamblers to continue living off of their lucrative full-time profession. Finally, Canadian immigration would open doors not only to Canada, the fourth best country in the world to live in, but also to a larger number of online gambling websites which Americans cannot currently access.

The question then becomes, how does one increase one’s chances for Canadian immigration?

Canada is one of the most accessible countries in the world to immigrants and the Canadian immigration system accepts approximately 150,000 skilled immigrants each year. The government of Canada prefers immigrants who can contribute to the country based on their skill-set, level of education, and whether they work in professions which are in-demand in Canada. Fortunately, one of the current skill-sets which provincial governments are increasingly demanding, especially in Ontario, is an in-depth knowledge of online gaming websites. This is because in Canada, most forms of gambling are controlled by provincial governments and Ontario is currently working on creating their own provincial online gambling website, much like BC and Quebec have already done. Thus, Canadian immigration is an extremely viable option for online poker players.

An American online poker player with an offer of employment in Canada can enter the country with a work permit. Alternatively, by applying for a temporary tourist visa, Americans can set up a bank account and temporary residence in Canada, and this will improve their chances at acquiring Canadian immigration, as well as enable them to continue gambling as American citizens playing outside of the United States (which is legal on several sites). For online gamblers, Canadian immigration is increasingly becoming their best option, and either of the aforementioned options can significantly improve their application for Canadian immigration. 

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