Last week the government of Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s east coast provinces, announced that it seeks to double the number of immigrants coming to the province by 2020. The Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, released his plan to attract new immigrant candidates called “Welcome Home to Nova Scotia” at the Canadian Immigration Museum in Halifax. The plan sets a target of attracting 7,200 immigrants to Nova Scotia by 2020. They also have set a target of 70% retention for the new immigrants it attracts to the province. The government has pledged $790,000 to implement the plan.

The plan is the most ambitious and comprehensive immigration plan to date in the province. Nova Scotia seeks to establish one of the largest provincial nominee programs in Canada. The new plan will target foreign workers who have technical skills and an international network which will serve the province, and allow it to be increasingly innovative, competitive and productive. One of the purposes of the plan is to let prospective immigrants know that Nova Scotia wants them and is encouraging them to establish themselves and their families in the province. 

The provincial immigration minister plan’s for the government to work in conjunction with employers, labor unions and community groups to encourage immigrants, with skills in demand, to apply for Canadian immigration through this province. The hope is that this plan will enable the province to attract immigrants that will meet employer’s needs. 

The new plan will introduce concrete measures to attract desirable immigrants to the province by providing assistance with credential recognition and settlement so that they can begin to work and establish themselves in Nova Scotia prior to arrival. The province has also announced that it will facilitate the recruitment of certain temporary foreign workers, as these individuals  are likely to become economically established in the province. Nova Scotia has also committed to provide additional protection for foreign workers to encourage them to settle in the province permanently. In order to attract the right permanent residents, the province has devised a marketing plan to target foreign nationals as well as individuals already working or studying in Canada.

Immigration benefits the province because newcomers integrate into society and contribute by becoming leaders, workers, volunteers, entrepreneurs and investors. The “Welcome Home to Nova Scotia” plan demonstrates that the province understands the importance of making tools available to new immigrants and to communities, so they may be supportive and inclusive of its new residents. 


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