Survey about Canadian citizenship shows immigrants are well-integrated in Canada


The results of a recent survey on Canadian citizenship shows that newcomers are becoming well-integrated into their new society after their immigration to Canada.

The survey, which was conducted by the Environics Institute, revealed that new immigrants and native-born Canadians have similar views on what it means to be a good Canadian citizen. The two groups were also equally likely to feel fully like citizens. An interesting distinction is that Canadian immigrants, born outside of Canada, appear to feel more pride in being Canadian citizens, compared with those born in the country.

These results show that new Canadians are comfortably adapting to their new life in Canada and integrating well into Canadian society.

According to Usha George, Dean of Faculty Community Services at Ryerson University, the Canadian government’s commitment to helping newcomers adapt, through policies and funding, has resulted in successful integration of new Canadians.

“The mutual recognition that we should be respectful to each other and celebrate diversity in a genuine way, those values permeate the whole society,” said George.

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