NOTWITHSTANDING Section 2. DUTIES OF ATTORNEY subsection (ii).  ATTORNEY agrees to prepare an additional application for Canadian Permanent Residency.

BE IT KNOWN, that for good consideration the parties made the following additions or changes to a part of said contract as if contained therein:


  • ATTORNEY will assist CLIENT in the preparation of the relevant application form(s) for a secondary application for Permanent Residence;
  • ATTORNEY will advise CLIENT as to which documents and government fees are required in support of the application;
  • ATTORNEY will review and analyze all documents in support of the CLIENT’s education and training, work experience, and civil status prior to submission to the Immigration authorities;
  • ATTORNEY will advise CLIENT as to the necessary evidence of employment which best represents the CLIENT’s work experience, and which is consistent with Immigration requirements;
  • ATTORNEY will conduct final review of CLIENT’s application and related forms, supporting documents and Government processing fees;
  • ATTORNEY will submit CLIENT’s application package to the appropriate office and confirm its arrival;
  • CLIENT agrees to pay to FWCANADA INC. IN TRUST: the sum of USD 1000 upon execution of this agreement by CLIENT to ATTORNEY.  The ATTORNEY is authorized to release this sum from her trust account upon opening CLIENT’s file.  This fee is non-refundable.

All other terms and provisions of said contract shall remain in full force and effect.

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