Quebec Skilled Worker Program Opens

Reminder that today the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is now set to launch. Applicants who want a spot should have all necessary paperwork ready  and apply as soon as possible as vaccancies do fill up quickly.

Reminder that today the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is now set to launch. Applicants who want a spot should have all necessary paperwork ready  and apply as soon as possible as vaccancies do fill up quickly.

In the past, the Quebec Skilled Worker program (QSWP) was known to be a more lenient version of its Federal counterpart. The program used a point based system where points were awarded for an applicant’s language proficiency, work experience, whether or not the applicant had a validated job offer in Quebec, age, area of training, prior relationship with Quebec (through visits or relatives), and the human capital factors of the applicant’s common-law partner or spouse. A single applicant had to score 49 points in order to be given a QSC, while one with a common-law partner or spouse had to score at least 57. Once a QSC was granted the applicant had to pass a medical and security exam, conducted by the federal government, before being granted permanent resident status.

This year applicants with education in the following professions are to receive bonus points:

Computer engineering/Science (Bachelor’s Degree) – 16 points

Computer engineers find their expertise in the field of technology. They can hold a range of responsibilities including research, design, development, handling wireless communications, maintaining local mainframes, and various other tech related responsibilities.

NOC code 2147 (

Civil engineering – 12 points
Civil engineers give technical support and services to a range of professional fields, many also work independently in fields such as structural engineering, water resources engineering, municipal engineering, construction design and supervision, highways and transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering and environmental protection.
NOC code 2231 (

Accounting – 12 points

Financial managers oversee the operation of financial and accounting departments. They can be employed in financial and accounting departments in companies throughout the private and public sector.

NOC code 0111

Marketing – 12 points

NOC code 0124

Professionals in the field of Marketing advertise and market plans, publicize activities and events, and can maintain media relations on behalf of businesses, governments, and individuals.

Nursing -12 points

NOC code 3012

Nurses provide direct nursing care to patients, deliver health education programs and provide consultative services regarding issues relevant to the practice of nursing. They can work in a variety of environments from private practices to hospitals.

Psychology – 12 points

NOC code 0311

Psychologists control and evaluate the delivery of health care services, such as diagnosis and treatment, nursing and therapy. They are employed in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes and other health care organizations.

Translation – 12 points

NOC code 5125

Translators translate written material from one language to another. Interpreters translate oral communication from one language to another in a variety of settings in both the public and private sector.

Individuals who meet the requirements to obtain these bonus points are highly recommended to apply as they have a very good chance to qualify. Even if the individual doesn’t speak French if they are 35 or under, have a high proficiency in English, and at least 4 years of work experience in their field they are likely to be granted a QSC. Currently these occupations are in demand in Quebec, there is a high likelihood individuals with degrees and experience in these profressions will get a job.

In addition, for the 2015-2016 year, qualification for the program is being made as the adaptability requirements, which evaluated the ability of an applicant to adapt to life in Quebec based on their knowledge of various local topics, are being removed and the amount of points necessary to pass is being lowered.

For more specific information on the QSWP click here. To get assessed on your eligibility to enter Canada or to explore your options fill out our Free Online Assessment form.

Link to the QSWP modifications and details (French only):

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