Port of Entry Statistics Reveal Importance of Proper Immigration Paperwork

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) at the Pigeon River Port of Entry (POE) released the immigration statistics for the month of December 2014, and they provide a realistic foundation for discussing the importance of being prepared before approaching the Canadian border.

Officers at this POE conducted more than 173 immigration interviews that resulted in two Visitor Records, four Work Permits and eight voluntarily withdrawn applications to enter Canada. Below are some examples that outline the importance of various forms of paperwork you should have to avoid negative consequences.

A foreign national arrived at this POE on December 1st and was referred for an immigration interview. In his interview, the foreign national said he intended to enter Canada to get a job to earn money for a plan ticket home. He had paid someone a small fee to drive him from the United States to the Canadian border. The traveller did not have a valid passport or any other identification, so he was given a departure order and was driven back to the United States. The traveller would not have been able to enter Canada to work unless he had a work permit, for which he would have been required to have valid identification.

On December 25th, three travellers in a vehicle with an American license plate approached the POE. The travellers stated their reason for entering Canada was to sightsee in Thunder Bay for approximately one week. The driver was a U.S. resident, but the two other passengers were foreign nationals: one with a U.S. visa and the other with a restricted travel visa. The travellers were referred for a secondary immigration exam, and the officers noticed there was no luggage to signify a 7-day stay. The POE officers deemed the travellers inadmissible to Canada, and issued the, documents to leave for lack of proper documentation.

It is also worthwhile to note that the CBSA officers at this POE conducted around 3,700 secondary examinations for customs purposes. One seizure action was initiated and several written warnings were issued for undeclared or undervalued goods. It is important to truthfully declare all purchases and goods received outside of Canada upon entering the country.

You may have a relatively easy entrance to Canada, but you may also have a grueling one. Your admissibility is at the discretion of the Canadian Border Services Agency officers. Do not give them any reason to turn you away, or require supplementary fees – ensure you have all your documentation in order before you attempt entry into Canada.

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