International Experience Canada Application Process Now Open

International Experience Canada (IEC) is a program that provides young adults with the chance to travel and work in Canada.

There are three main branches of the program: (1) Working Holiday, (2) Young Professionals and, (3) International Co-op Internship. You may only be eligible for IEC if your home country has a bilateral youth mobility arrangement with Canada. You will be able to find the list of countries here.

Working Holiday

This incredible opportunity helps you find temporary work in Canada so as to fund your vacation here. This way you simultaneously get work experience, thicken your resume, explore Canada and you can afford side trips, excursions and accommodations during your stay.

Young Professionals

The Canadian economy is one of the most stable and most prosperous in the world, so why not gain work experience if you have the opportunity to do so? The Young Professionals branch of IEC allows you to widen your career horizons: you will be able to work on teams from diverse professional backgrounds, meet people who will assist you in moving forward in your career, and learn another language (or two).

International Co-op Internship

Are you having trouble finding job opportunities in your country? Travel overseas and acquire valuable work experience in your field of study. This branch of IEC is for students who need the completion of a work placement or an internship to fulfill the requirements of their academic curriculum.

Please note that it may not be the case that all 3 branches are available to you: what is available will depend on the country you are applying from.

Are you a Canadian citizen but wish you were eligible for something similar to IEC? You’re in luck! There is a branch of the program that allows Canadian youth to travel to countries that have a bilateral youth mobility arrangement with Canada. Depending on where you would like to go, you can choose from the branches above.

Here are some commonly asked questions about IEC answered for you:

Who can participate in IEC? Canadian citizens and foreign nationals aged 18 to 35.

How much does it cost to participate? The initial participation fee is $150 CAD.  Further fees will depend on the branch you apply to.

Can I participate more than once? This depends on your country of citizenship.

Can I immigrate to Canada under IEC? No, you are unable to immigrate to Canada under IEC.

Can I enter Canada if I am criminally inadmissible?  You can only become admissible if you: (a) satisfy an immigration or border services officer that you meet the legal requirements to be criminally rehabilitated, (2) apply for individual rehabilitation or get approved, (3) receive a pardon or record suspension, or (4) receive a temporary resident permit.

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