Government Funds Youth Immigrant Services in Winnipeg

The Canadian federal government, in partnership with the Manitoba government, has announced the commitment of funding to immigrant services in Winnipeg.

The Government’s funding commitment of $1.1 million will be contributed to Manitoba-based organization Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc.

Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. is a non-profit organization in Winnipeg, Manitoba that supports the entry into the labour market of newcomers to Canada. Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. also operates the Manitoba Start program, which provides settlement support for immigrants.

The Canadian government is continuing a trend from recent weeks by offering resources for community groups specializing in immigrant services. Earlier this month, the government announced $3.3 million in funding for immigrant services in British Columbia and $2 million in funding for settlement services in Windsor.

The funding for services in Winnipeg will support two programs operated by Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc. The first will focus on skill building in immigrant youth through workshops and work placements while the second project will provide youth with work experience in certain in-demand industries.

Loraine M. Nyokong, the Executive Director of Employment Solutions for Immigrants Inc., said that the organization is “grateful to Service Canada for its continued belief in, and support of, our programs. These programs offer newcomer youth with a much better chance of entering the Canadian workplace, not only with enhanced preparation experience. In short, these programs set up newcomer youth for career success.”

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