Government Announces Funding for Windsor Immigrant Services

The federal government has announced the dedication of funding to services for newcomers to Canada in Windsor.

Only a week after the announcement of a $3.3 million financial commitment to help newcomers settle in British Columbia, the federal government has announced further funding for immigrants to Canada.

A member of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander’s team announced yesterday the commitment of $2 million in funding to contribute to immigrant settlement services in Windsor, Ontario.

The funding will go towards Windsor’s Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) centre, launched by the Government of Canada in 2013. The CNC provides child care for the children of new immigrants to Canada, allowing them to take advantage of the many other settlement services available to them.

Like the funding contributions to new immigrant services in British Columbia, the $2 million in funding for the Windsor CNC will contribute to the reduction of barriers that newcomers to Canada face upon arrival.

Of the contribution, Costas Menegakis, Parliamentary Secretary to Chris Alexander, said that the government “is proud to provide support initiatives that help our newcomers achieve success. By continuing to make investments in settlement services across Canada, we are ensuring that newcomers integrate into their new communities and make lasting contributions to the Canadian labour market and economy.”

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