Changes in Quebec Business Immigration

A new development in Quebec business immigration will help to improve transparency regarding the entire immigration process.

A new development in Quebec business immigration will help to improve transparency regarding the entire immigration process.

On April 1, the province of Quebec enacted changes to publish the maximum number of applications they accept and the dates for the application intake period. They also published factors which influence processing priority, as well as the types of applications that can be presented at any time.

These new measures concern candidates for economic immigration (permanent workers and business people). This is relevant to all those wishing to immigrate and set up a business in Quebec, to manage an existing Quebec company, or simply to work for a Quebec company.

The objective of these new reforms is to limit immigration to specific quotas in order to ensure faster processing times for the applications that are submitted. In doing so, the Quebec government will be better able to select the most valuable candidates for business immigration and those that they think that will be most valuable. It will also help to fill specific labour or market gaps within the Quebec economy.

There are different numbers and application intake periods depending on the type of application. However, different factors or conditions, such as French language skills, will help to exempt certain applications from time or number constraints and give priority processing times.

The maximum number of applications for each sub category and the application intake periods are available on the Immigration Quebec website and are listed below:

Immigration Sub Category

Maximum number of applications

Application intake period

Business people



August 31, 2015-Janury 31, 2016


150 (Maximum has already been attained)

April 1 2015-March 31, 2016

Self-employed workers


April 1 2015-March 31, 2016

Skilled Workers


Intake period to be announced during 2015-2016

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