BC Summit Discusses Ways to Attract Skilled Labour to the Province


As Canada’s population ages, the economy grows in emerging sectors, and birth rates remain low, there is going to be a continuing increase in the shortage of skilled workers in the province of British Columbia.

A summit is being held, bringing together over 80 BC employers to discuss the projected shortage of 61,500 skilled workers by 2020. The summit, called the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) 2014 Summit: Mind the Gap, Winning Global Talent for BC’s Continued Prosperity brings to light the importance of promoting immigration in the province, as many immigrants possess the skills and qualities needed to fill the positions in need. In the year 2012, 36,240 immigrants went to British Columbia and among them, 67% reported having professional-level skills.The project is aimed at looking at the challenges that BC employers had when hiring and retaining immigrant workers throughout six key industries in the province. Accordingly, IEC-BC will be launching their new online employer tools and resource libraries to help attract, retain and employ skilled talent.  

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