The Best Employers for New Canadians Competition Lists its Winners


With Canadian immigration fueling Canada’s economic growth, these companies take the lead in employing new Canadians.

The 6th annual Best Employers for New Canadians competition is the result of a collaboration between the Canada’s Top 100 Employers initiative and ALLIES, a joint venture of the Maytree Foundation and the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. The latter organizations have strong legacies committing themselves to fighting poverty through education and empowerment and offering support to many of Canada’s disenfranchised communities.

With such goals in mind, the selection criteria of the competition’s editors included: recruitment through collaborations with community organizations, advertising opportunities with multicultural media, improving the recognition of foreign credentials, and training current employees on how to foster inclusiveness.

It is encouraging to see companies not only reach out to the talent of the immigrant population, but apply for a special designation recognizing their efforts to hire more ‘New Canadians’. This competition along with the applicant companies are turning the hiring of immigrants into a company asset, not a liability.

Winners of the competition included BMO financial group, City of Vancouver, and Telus Corporation.

To see the complete list of winners and learn more about the competition, visit:

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