Nova Scotia Regional Labor Market Demand Program Now Closed


As of April 26, 2014 the Nova Scotia Regional Labor Market Demand program is closed. This was expected as the program had a quota of 150 applicants, and filled quickly as it only took two months. The program will reopen on January 1, 2015. Individuals who have sent in applications but were not accepted should not worry, Nova Scotia has said that these applicants will be given priority when the program re-opens next year.

Even though the Nova Scotia program has closed, many of the applicants to the program are eligible for the newly opened Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program. This program is an extremely attractive option as it has fast processing times, a job offer is not required and people can settle anywhere in Canada, other than Quebec. This new program is open to a long list of professions, including IT professionals, nurses, doctors, accountants as well as some engineers and managers. The FSW program has a significantly higher applicant cap than provincial programs and it is a path to getting Canadian permanent residency.

For more information on the Federal Skilled Worker program click here.

For a free assessment to determine your eligibility click here.

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