Canada makes Changes to its Asylum System

Citizenship and Immigration Canada expanded the list of Designated Countries of Origin for its asylum program, which now includes Mexico, Israel (excluding Gaza strip and West Bank), Japan, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, and Switzerland.  The new measure is believed to increase the fairness and speed of Canada’s asylum system to effectively protect genuine refugees coming from abroad.

“Faster processing of asylum claims from generally safe countries is an essential feature of Canada’s new faster and fairer refugee system. Our new system provides protection more quickly to genuine refugees, while removing individuals whose claims are rejected from the country faster,” says Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism.
The aforementioned Designed Countries of Origin are believed to be democratic countries that offer state protection, and that have human rights regulations, as well as a fair judicial system. These countries often do not produce many refugees, making their claimants less likely to be granted a Canadian refugee status relative to those who apply from a country without the aforementioned characteristics.
By expanding the list of Designated Countries of Origin, the asylum system can be faster and more efficient, as it takes less time to process and evaluate a claimant from a designated country (30-45 days) than from a non-designated one (within 60 days). This new policy also encourages citizens who come from a safe country to seek alternatives to making a refugee claim, unless their security is truly and significantly endangered at home. It is predicted that the program will save $1.6 billion over the next five years.
Claimants from Designed Countries of Origin are entitled to a full and fair from the quasi-judicial Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), though they cannot make appeals to the newly created Refugee Appeal Division.
Other than making a refugee claim, there are numerous ways to immigrant to or visit Canada. The Canadian immigration system has more than 60 programs, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Student Visa, or the Family Sponsorship program, to  designed to suit the different circumstances of potential immigrants.
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