With only a few days to go before the Canadian federal elections on May 2, party heads are vying for the Indo-Canadian vote by promising a reduction in Canadian immigration wait times , as well as more study permits and work permits for Indians. 

Recently, at a Canada-India Foundation (CIF) conference, top Liberal party leaders, promised a forward thinking relationship between Canadian immigration services and India. They claim a Liberal government will increase access to Canadian immigration and tourism from India, taking bilateral treatise between the two countries to the next level.

Toronto MP Bob Rae, reminded Indo-Canadians of the role the Liberal party, in particular former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, has played in encouraging the G20 nations to include developing countries. Mr. Rae said; Canadian immigration needs to focus on its core competencies when formulating policy regarding India.

John McCallum, Member of Parliament for from Markham-Unionville, remarked that Australia was “eating Canada’s lunch” when it came to enticing Indians and Canadian immigration must increase the issuance of Canadian study and work permit visa’s to Indian citizens. Currently, Canada accepts roughly 3,500 Indian students per year. Australia accepts over 40,000.

Member of parliament Rob Oliphant, who represents Don Valley West, said he likes Gujarat, billing it as a fantastic place to do business. He made clear he was content with the government’s recognition of the significance of Gujarat by participating in this year’s Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Due to the fact that Canada has no official representation in Gujarat, he advocated for a consular office.

Oliphant said his party would reduce Canadian immigration processing times for family class applicants. He also promised they would be more sensitive when handling certain political issues, such as Kamal Nath’s visit that sparked riots in the Sikh community.

The Canada-India Foundation leaders, Ramesh Chotai and Aditya Jha, said the Indian community was very happy that the various leaders recognized its contribution to shaping Canadian immigration policies. Representatives of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization and the IIT Alumni of Canada, also tested the Canadian leaders about their knowledge of India.


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