Canadian Immigration Settlement Services A Wise Investment


In the Canadian province of Ontario, francophone and disabled Canadian immigrants often feel they are not getting the aid they need from Immigration Canada settlement services. Two thirds of the respondents in a nearly 3000 person study admitted that employment was their most essential concern, this followed by language ability, social isolation and housing. The survey found that both the use of settlement services and satisfaction with them was higher among immigrants who arrived after 2005, particularly for language training and bridging programs that help foreign skilled worker Canada trained professionals.

While the survey is not representative of all immigrants in the province it was structured to be representative of those who have used Canada immigration settlement services. The responses of immigrants with disabilities has posed concern as disabled immigrants described a shuttling between agencies serving the disabled and agencies serving immigrants, and not getting the advice or help they need at either. Similarly, francophone respondents acknowledged that although the population of francophone immigrants is one of the fastest growing groups of newcomers, they feel settlement services are meant for Anglophones.

Canadian immigration settlement services are a wise investment for the Canadian government as every time a Canadian immigrant is able to access the language training or the services and support they need to be employed, they then become financially self-supporting, pay their taxes, and therefore the return is immediate.

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