Labour Shortage in Prince Edward Island


A report by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada in 2012 highlights the dire need for skilled workers in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I), one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada.  Due to an aging population and emigration in P.E.I, the Canadian government is increasingly concerned about the labour shortage, leading to an inevitable lower economic performance and standard of living in the region. To solve this dilemma, Canada looks optimistically to attract foreign skilled labour through immigration. This is excellent news for those who are interested in starting a new life in Canada.

 Provincial governmental statistics show that the labour force will shrink by close to 26% percent as the baby boomers advance to retirement. On top of this, a labour market report shows that the majority of out-migrants (20%) from P.E.I to other provinces are aged 25-29. These figures conclude with the fact that not only does the province face the problem of a natural aging population, but it also has to deal with the drain of vital supply of young labour.

 “We are now in a position where it is urgent, really we can’t live with that [a shortage in labour]…unless we’re prepared to accept a very major reduction in our standard of living,” said Wade McLaughlin, the former president of the University of Prince Edward Island. Mr. McLaughlin also suggests that the best way solve the problem of a shrinking work force for a knowledgeable economy is to encourage immigration of skilled workers.

 The Canadian immigration system provides a number of options to individuals who wish to take permanent residence in Canada. One of these options is applying through a provincial nominee program in which each province or territory can nominate a certain number of applicants to the federal agency, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Immigration Services of P.E.I offers two streams specifically for those who possess the skills and qualifications to meet its labour demands: the Skilled Worker Stream and the Critical Worker Stream.

 The Skilled Worker Stream is designated to applicants who have received a job offer from a Canadian employer. Applicants in this stream have to satisfy the necessary age, education, training, and language requirements. To determine whether these requirements are met or not, applicants must go through a point-system and obtain a minimum of fifty points on the Self-Assessment Form.

The Critical Worker Stream is designed for individuals who have been working in P.E.I for more than six months on a Temporary Work Permit and who like to gain permanent residence status. Workers who apply through this stream are also evaluated under the point-system and must meet similar requirements in the Skilled Worker Stream.

For those who are qualified to work and would like to live in Canada, applying through a province that is in need of foreign labour may the most viable option. FWCanada is one of the most trusted Canadian immigration law firms that provide legal services and free assessment on Canadian immigration.

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