Federal Skilled Worker Program Re-Open: Doctors and Nurses are now Eligible to Apply


On April 23, 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced the re-opening of the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program for 2014. This new program includes some welcome changes, including a larger occupation list and an increased cap as compared to last year.


The occupation list now includes doctors and nurses and the overall cap has been increased to 25,000 with a maximum of 1,000 applications being accepted per occupation. Applicants require one year of work experience in an eligible occupation and will be assessed based on the same points program as was used in 2013.

Individuals with expertise in healthcare, especially doctors and nurses, are needed throughout Canada. The announcement of doctors and nurses being eligible for the new FSW program, which will open on May 1, 2014, is a testament to how important these occupations are to Canada’s present and future.

The FSW program intends to draw skilled newcomers who will contribute to Canada’s economy. One of the most appealing aspect of the FSW program is that provides a relatively quick (approximately one year) path toward Canadian permanent residency. The program is open to anyone looking to work and live in Canada permanently, with the exception of the province of Quebec (see Quebec Skilled Worker Program). The application can be fast-tracked if an applicant has a job offer in Canada, although it is not a necessary requirement for the FSW program. The FSW program is a quick, popular way to obtain Canadian permanent residency, however, there are other programs that doctors and nurses can also apply under.

Nurses are eligible to apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker program and both doctors and nurses are eligible to apply for one of the Provincial Nomination Programs.

For a free assessment to determine your eligibility, click here.

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